Thursday, September 2, 2010

Yandles in search of local food!

Before the hunting details, I wanted to show off recent pictures of the family!! We are so blessed - thank you, God! There's more at our web album!

Just wanted to pass along a special at Whole Foods...grass-fed beef for $3.99 this Friday, Sept. 3 only!

If you're curious about my on...

I'm not much of an activist but I'm compelled to make some changes after watching the movie "Food Inc." this past weekend!! Join me and let's demand safer foods for our family by buying local meats, dairy, and produce!! Heck, start a small garden by your back door or window and try your hand at growing your own! We started this summer with our very first garden...just three small tomato plants, several herbs, and two bell pepper plants!! Man, God has blessed our little seeds and created a bountiful harvest...wish I had pictures to attest to our 7 foot tall tomatoes and they're still producing!!

Shamus and I are discussing how we can start buying more local or organic foods but still stay within our small budget for groceries...we're gonna get creative and see what happens!! :-)

1 - subscribe to mailing lists for coupons/discounts of organic grocers, and local farmers/markets
2 - buy one extra-large roast/ham/poultry that's local/organic and let that be our only meat for the week; you can even boil down the carcass to freeze stock for soups in the winter...yum!!!! talk about saving money...broth/stock can get expensive not to mention processed!
3 - keep encouraging my parents/grandparents to keep their chickens, gardens, and livestock and partake in their bounty...even help out with the process of planting/harvesting as an incentive! We'll be learning too!! Heck, Shamus even is inspired to really hunt this fall/winter to bring home a deer for the freezer...yay!!!
4 - shop at weekly farmer's markets in the area*
5 - buy direct from farms within 30-50 miles*
6 - join a food co-op*

*lists found at Harry's (in store) or at ,

Join me in striving for a more healthy family...i'd love to see more homesteads in our generation!!!


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